Hi Wayne. I’m so sorry to bother you I didn’t know how to contact you, and also didn't want to bother you so I thought if it was open comment others could see and maybe help. I adore you and I read all your emails, and I appreciate them so much. I live in the U.K. and desperately want to be exactly like you. How would you recommend I start please? I’m saving up to study law, but I can’t find any open rescue groups in the U.K. I don't know many people and don't have many follows online.

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Hello Wayne, Gaia loves people like you. So do I. I've been Vegan for about 65 years.

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Keep up the great work, compassion and caring for the voiceless and hopefully one day factory farms will actually be animal sanctuaries.

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While you feel weaker on the inside, I have stayed strong inside myself, in fact have gotten stronger. (Physical strength has stayed about the same - all fine.) How have I not just maintained but increased my inner strength? This is for you, Wayne, by the way, in case it might help you. My connections to people are stronger. My self-expression is stronger. I have strong inner security. I am also achieving, in small steps, things important to me. A couple of exceptional connections validate my inner sense of things - I am very much not alone. Is there any way this might help you? I do not have a formula or recipe. My guess is your previous sense of inner strength was at least partly based on something inaccurate - like an inaccurate vision of what is around you, how much ongoing support there would be. Survivors are not optimists, but people who have made the deep decision they will reach their goals. Let me know if this is of any use to you.

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Dear Wayne, I know you are not a health vegan, in the sense that justice and compassion drive your veganism, not health. But in my world view, plant based health is part of a set of spiritual practices for ideal bodily function. Please do try raw fresh juice cleanses to clear out your kidneys and liver. Any fruits and vegetables you like, a rich variety is good, and plenty of classics like fresh oranges.

A month is the minimum requirements for deep cleaning.

Then, take your cleanse further and water fast in the sunshine and lake/beaches vicinity. Drink as much water as you comfortably feel like, but nothing else. After 48 hours your body changes energetic pathways to use old damaged tired cells and fat to burn instead of glucose. At this point most stop, due to a degree of tiredness, but just rest for another few days, and your energy will improve. Then, if you're a regular weight, you can safely fast up to 40 days before true hunger returns.

A very large man, Angus barberi fasted for a year safely, but he had the fat reserve to do so.

The ancient spiritual practice of fasting is getting modern scientists to support, see true north health clinic, Dr Michael klapper and dr Alan goldhamer. Also the noble prize winner on autophagy..

The point is, after years of animal products our cells aren't as healthy as they could be, and fasting eats the unhealthy cells first, 😅

So you get a true inner clean up!! Getting rid of viruses and precancerous cells etc..

Well, good luck, my friend.

I greatly appreciate your intelligence and dedication to love and compassion for all beings ❤️

Hugs from New Zealand 🇳🇿 🤗

We're just starting an Animal justice party Aotearoa nz here, and we have 60 people signed up, we need 500 to be registered by next July, I hope we can get it! If you can give us a shout out, perhaps some kiwi vegans follow your blog 😊



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