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Excellent advice Wayne. I thought of you yesterday as I do every day since you became unfairly incarcerated. Yesterday was Thanksgiving. I love my family. But as always, they were squirming with delight as they ate dead tortured animals and every concoction imaginable made from the bodily secretions of other tortured and imprisoned animals. I had to focus on common interests in order to maintain a healthy social atmosphere. We conversed about our latest achievements, most fascinating trips, bragged about our children or pets. I ate the vegan pasta salad and desserts I brought. I tried not to look at the body parts of the turkeys. The family relationships were maintained. I am grateful for their love, respect and support. But sad that even those who claim to love animals the most, refuse to acknowledge the suffering and horrific injustice that they pay for with their food choices. Like you Wayne, I am an observer of human behavior and interactions. I know how to liberate my mind from the restraints and limitations of my physical surroundings. I engage in meta cognition. The act of thinking about thought processes. Gaining understanding about emotional prompts, responses and consequences. Thinking about thought for the purpose of maintaining harmony or even causing disruption doesn’t make us phony. It allows us to maintain our own identity in all circumstances.

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Sending care and protective energy to you. Thank you for sharing these 3 empowering actions for the mind-body-spirit to connect.

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Dearest Wayne , you're the most enlightened person i know in this world . Sitting in jail for saving tortured animals , having the spirit to send your advice and wisdom is remarkable .

It is painful to think of you locked and still keeping your kindness and open heart .

I love you for being who you are ! You deserve all the help and support we all can give and more !

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My sense is that there are many similarities between being a human held against their will in a prison and being an animal held against their will in a factory farm. Both are routinely stripped of their identities, subjected to indignities, and demoralized. Both are unable to express the natural behaviors of their species. Both are confined to live in overly-crowded and often tightly-caged conditions. Both may become so distressed by their inhumane existence that they resort to establishing themselves in the pecking order and dominating their fellow inmates. Both are at the mercy of their caretakers who may also be experiencing many of the same offenses and even outright abuses themselves. Both systems are very broken.

Ironically, Wayne’s imprisonment seems to be deepening his understanding of what factory farm animals endure and strengthening his resolve to fight for the animals and bring public awareness to the horrendous conditions of cruelty and abuse. Wayne has certainly taken one for the team but seems to be finding the lessons to be learned from his confinement. Let’s all continue to support him in any way we can.

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Having a hard time seeing to type -- as my eyes are filled with tears. Your words, your lessons, your perspective, your kindness, your empathy, your humanity, your spirit, your being. I am embracing your being with energy that uplifts and strengthens... Peace. ☮️🫶

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You can soothe the savage souls with a Simple HEART

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Amazing advice & perspective. I salute you for making wine out of grapes.

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I have reached the point yesterday where being surrounded by family is a waste of precious time (even if relatives are nice… they not vegan and not interested in any mind-broadening conversations). So I find myself preferring to be alone (with my animals) working on my legacy/bucket list and doing things that feed my soul the very best food, which is often writing, or even working on holidays = helping animals as a vet. So yes I agree to being real = honoring my true identity and no longer trying to blend in when it hurts my soul. You guys here give me hope that it can be easy to find common values with some amazing humans, therefore I will continue my quest to find as many kindred spirits as possible on Earth. I’m sure we all agree that most of them are actually animals 🐮♥️🐷♥️🦆♥️🪰♥️ thank you Wayne, your mind is amazingly strong and beautiful 🙌

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good thoughts, wayne, especially considering the massive propaganda campaign being perpetrated on us now. i remember again the book prisons in which we choose to live. though some great thinking has issued from jail cells. i feel how excruciating your situation is, and i appreciate the way you work with it. you've learned from the animal inmates you have endeavored to save, along with your intrinsic guides. i've thought about the performance people get caught in. it keeps the wheels of power and control spinning, while people lose the chance to evolve.

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I will write to you Wayne. It disturbs me to learn of the situation you are in. And yet, there you are sharing the lessons you have learned to benefit others. Please continue to be ok and remember that we are thinking of you. Bless you.

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Dear Wayne. Thank you for the good advice. So simple but powerful. Inspired by you, I’ve made extra effort to give up factory farmed meat. At least Most of the time. Truthfully Sometimes I give in to the temptation of a good stew. But I don’t let that stop me from restarting. I didn’t have any Turkey this Thanksgiving. I’ve always loved a good Turkey sandwich. But I didn’t miss having one at all. I use to turn away from videos and pictures of animal abuse because it was too painful. But a few years ago I began to look. I needed to have my eyes opened. Though really difficult to watch, I did because I needed to see the truth. My heart has opened more as a result.

I’m thankful for you and your noble good work to end animal cruelty. Happy Thanksgiving.

Sending a Thanksgiving prayer that I hope will lift your spirit.

Holy Earth, Holy Cosmos,
I bow before you
With my whole being.

Holy Creatures, Holy Nature,
I kneel upon the earth
In honor and thanksgiving
Of your blessed bounty.

Holy Waters, Holy Mountains,
I lay my body on your temple
In gratefulness for nurturing
My tender soul.

Holy Passion, Holy Longing,
I rise up before you
A devotee of truth,
Following wherever you lead me.

Holy Silence, Holy Solitude,
I place my hands over my heart
Breathing in serenity,
Breathing out your peace.

Holy Sorrow, Holy Suffering,
I close my hands in prayer
May I bear every wound
With compassion and nonharm.

Holy Humility, Holy Emptiness,
I bow my head before you
I have become open,
For your All to shine in my soul.

Holy Freedom, Holy Rejoicing,
I open my heart to the world
Offering myself to this day,
In joyfulness and gratitude.

Amen. [1]

[1] Beverly Lanzetta, “Canticle of Praise,” A Feast of Prayers (Blue Sapphire Books

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Thank you so much for sharing Wayne. Your insights are very powerful.

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Thanks for sharing! It is very hard to hear but finding an ally in an inmate that was also imprisoned is a positive. Perhaps some inmates will come to understand about animal suffering .

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