I agree. Changing the status quo is hard to do if you're the one expected to maintain it, whether they know it consciously or subconsciously.

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When I was watching your trial, I thought that we are witnessing a "silent" revolution, one that is creating change step by step, heart by heart. Before I was quite skeptic about this but now I realise that is the most powerful one... a true change that start at the base. Solid. Thank you for being such an inspiration!

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Thanks for keeping me onboard. My only charity now is DxE and at age 84 am saving my "pennies" to donate again. Wayne is phenomenal

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So often we are deemed to be overly sentimental hippie freaks trying to ruin cook-outs and B-B-Q's by denying folks access to cheap "protein", rather than being ambassadors for a new more tactful, sustainable and equitable system of existence. The direct connection between animal agriculture to food insecurity, climate destruction (local & global), worker exploitation, and health (mental & physical) should be made abundantly clear. I am not trying to side-step animal welfare concerns or lessen the importance of their very much deserved support and wellbeing, I'm just trying to better speak the human language of immediate personal concern.

It seems to me that the general public sees animal rights as more of an abstract philosophy rather than a legitimate social/political redress that will result in positive outcomes that directly affect the current needs of people. Perhaps formal coalitions amongst groups that deal with the issues of worker rights, environmental justice, and public health would help give perspective and also maybe provide new paths of action?

Some might find some of the paper linked below interesting and/or useful. It primarily uses examples of labor organizing, but I think it does pertain to the subject of peripheral change. Personally I've never really been comfortable with the idea of "majority rule" mainly because I don't think a unique person should have their one time gift of life on this planet ruined or controlled just because they or the perspective they embody doesn't vibe with the rest of the crowd. However, I am aware of the world I am living in and the situation we are all forced to endure. I also am not too keen on the idea of mandating membership fees, if fees are absolutely required then it should be on a sliding scale or an alternative form of payment should be accepted (like time and work).

Constructing Countervailing Power: Law and Organizing in an Era of Political Inequality

by Kate Andrias & Benjamin I. Sachs

"Those who currently wield unrivaled power will vigorously

object to laws that enable their power to be countervailed. Those who have had

disproportionate—sometimes unfettered—influence over our politics will object

to the diminishment of that influence. But, in a democracy, these objections must

be overcome. And that is exactly what the reforms we propose are meant to enable."


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