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Animal rescue is a noble path.

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So relatable! When I was 1 year vegan in 2019, my grandma thought I needed an exorcism and I had to get a blood test to prove to my family I wasn’t dying.

I had been protesting, doing conversational activism (which I love) yet at the same time, I wasn’t seeing any real change in the world for animals. In fact, as vegan options grew, more animals live in cages, more are dying. But there was always something in the back of my head these past few years: there are people going onto the farms and saving lives.

It turns out that what these guys are doing is something we can all do. And I believe we will. Through our actions, we can pull liberation from our dreams directly into this reality for the animals, and ultimately for us all. Maybe I’ll see you in a conference room plotting a rescue one someday :)

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Seeing the animal in the shute waiting for death absolutely beyond heartbreaking . My family and friends just refuse to comprehend the violence that animals are subjected to.

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You said that prior to 2007 when you were advocating for animals people you talked to would say, "The USDA says animals are well treated, and that we have to eat meat. I trust them."

The USDA hasn't said that we need to eat meat for decades. It is true that the USDA still lists meat as a source of protein, and that they still list dairy as a requirement and that any substitute needs to meet the same nutritional content as vitamin and mineral fortified cow's milk even though cow's milk https://fdc.nal.usda.gov/fdc-app.html#/food-details/171266/nutrients is nutritionally very different from human milk. https://fdc.nal.usda.gov/fdc-app.html#/food-details/171279/nutrients So, the USDA still has work to do to avoid falsely recommending that we need supplements.

I've been analyzing the USDA database, on and off, for decades. When I started downloading it by MODEM around 1995 there was a text interspersed in the download which said something like, "A vegetarian diet can meet all nutritional requirements." So, some of the employees were trying to get the word out. Vegans actually have allies within the USDA in technical fields but not in leadership positions.

Today the entire USDA database which they spent over 160 years to develop can be downloaded at https://fdc.nal.usda.gov/ The USDA may have initially set out to prove that we need to consume animal farming products in order to survive; however, what they actually did was prove that we don't! The problem is that the USDA, governed by members of the animal farming industry, refuse to spend money to publish a retraction of their former deceptive propaganda.

When someone claims that we have to eat meat or something to the effect that plants don't have all the necessary nutrients I actually reference the USDA database which proves that not only do plants have all the necessary nutrients, but has more of them in better quality. It's actually the animal farming products which don't have all the necessary nutrients.

That's what I do because I'm a computer engineer among other things. But, what I could use is an attorney and DxE doesn't seem to be willing to help me defend against armed incursions by the government because I saved a baby bunny from being tortured by a snake. All DxE seems to be interested in is making me change my use of my own language.

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the USDA is also considered the "last plantation" by many black farmers for their systemic racist practices

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Inspiring stuff, thanks Wayne!

From a fellow vegan,who prefers to be called a "plant based eater" because it seems to be less politicized.

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Mr. Wayne Hsiung … I know you are well aware of the Holocaust declared on Wild Horses by the BLM! “My question, “why haven’t you declared war on the Corruption & inhumane abuses being committed on Wild Horses? “Not only that, Taxpayer dollars are being fraudulently used for roundups, lies of overpopulation, Toxic Pesticide Fertilty treatments that kill the genetics of Wild horses, obstruction of information, 10s of thousands of wild horses being sent to slaughter through the pipeline to Canada & Mexico & much more evidence of proof gathered! “Why is the government allowed to continue these atrocities, “they are in violation of the law & should be held accountable? I don’t understand how or why you have not taken on the Federal Government & Help stop this Genocide that has been created by the BLM … also they award contracts to Criminal Helicopter Services, using taxpayer dollars for their Criminal Activities??? “ Evidence & Documentation is available by many, some have been in contact with you! These wild horses are on their way to total extinction & the brutality committed on these animals is ruthless, sadistic & barbaric beyond imagination but there is Evidence for all of it! Please help it point to someone who will take on the Government fraud & Inhumane Abuses???

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